“Hi (word of god evangelism), I’ve started a GoFundMe, and it would mean a lot to me if you could support the fundraiser by making a donation or even sharing my fundraiser with your friends. You can see my fundraiser here: [https://www.gofundme.com/f/poor-in-the-world-who-need-help-thru-our-church]. Any and all donations are appreciated, but even sharing the fundraiser will help me reach my goal!”


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Revelation chapters 13-16 revels information for penalty for those who do not go to church on Sunday when required by law worldwide to worship Satan's pagan God. Those who do not show up, the law enforcement will hunt down to kill. Remember Satan has been defeated by Jesus Christ on the cross, so he is trying to take as many as he can with him to hell.

The number 7 is communicating perfection or compliance, and the number 6 is the exact opposite. 666 is Satan and his followers who act as God and those who support him.

Signs and seal words interchangeable as stated in Romans.

God's seal is in the heart and mind of those who worship on the sabbath as mentioned in Old Testament and New. Christians will need to hide in woods and desert and be provided for by God to survive, until resurrected.

During tribulation when God ends such practice as he did in the former Roman Empire- which is now forming a comeback, believers will be raised up into the sky, and others left will be destroyed. The prey of birds will eat their flesh, then Satan will be confined to earth in total darkness for 1000 years or days to humans. Then God will restore Light and raise those who died, who did not believe in him, and Satan will lead them into thinking they can defeat God and his people but will be destroyed at Armagedón by God.


Looking to post several topics of the bible and get those who need help, a bible, free education, free housing, electricity, water, and indoor greenhouse for food, with the donations I receive and involve other worldwide churches i know.

because of limited space we will need to paste several forums that have message on different ones, and hoping to get churches worldwide,

How to be saved and live eternal life????

You must repent of your sins, as we are all sinners, and be baptized and follow the faith of the word of the one true and only God, our father, and try to spread the word to others and help them and love all.

Many believe they have many chances and they do not, only one, and many did die for their belief, but will be raised in the end to live forever in heaven.

And try to live as sinless life as possible, as it is only by the grace of our father that we are saved because we are all sinners.